Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Side of Bigotry with your Outrage?

So I have been thinking a lot about this ICK Fil A thing.  I call them that because it is garbage food that no one should be eating anyway.  I saw a piece on them a while ago and was shocked at how long it took the GOP to embrace them.  Here is my stance and you better sit down.

Let them do what they want.  The most powerful tool we have against bigotry, hate and, yes, stupidity is our almighty dollar.  If you do not agree with their politics do not give them your money.  I think we would be shocked at what business owners support what causes. I do not like what Walmart stands for so I do not go there.  But I do go to other big box retailers that have changed the landscape of our retail environment - no more mom and pop stores, the loss of the American Main Street.  Does it make me a hypocrite?  I suppose, but I cannot fear being called a hypocrite so much that I do not act in the small ways I can.  No act of boycott any of us ever engage in will ever be perfect but we have to do what we can to exercise the expressions of Free Speech that are available to us.  And remember, according to our Supreme Court money is speech. So spend your dollars wisely.

I am reminded of the quote that I have always loved - I believe it has been credited to Thomas Jefferson.  "I do not agree with  a word you say, but I will die fighting for your right to say it."  I did not look up the actual quote - I just went from memory since it is perhaps more important how it lives in my heart than how accurate it is.  I do not want any bigotry to exist in our society.  But I do not think that the way to eradicate bigotry is to in turn be a bigot.  My Twitter profile says that I am trying not to be a bigot for The Left - some days I am better at that than others.  The quote is from Annie Hall and you can see the clip here.

The implication in that scene is that Woody Allen's character is a bigot , but for the left, so it's OK  (clearly the point was that it's not OK.)

The Left will win this battle for equality but if we are not careful we will trip over ourselves on the way the promised land.  I say we we welcome everyone.  Keep them close - they might learn something - who knows maybe we will too.


  1. Thank you! So many people are trying to turn this into a free speech issue - Cathy has the right to believe what he wants and shout it from the rooftops. I whole-heartedly agree, even though I whole-heartedly DISAGREE with what he's saying. I'm not saying he shouldn't be allowed to do what he wants with his money either. But I won't spend MY money in such a way that it makes it into his hands to be potentially passed onto hate groups. That's MY free speech.

  2. Yaay! Agree with you. Let the money do the talking. It's something they might understand. The attitude is unacceptable. But Free Speech is invaluable and precious in a democracy. So let them talk and bankrupt them!

  3. Just to toss this in, isn't the chain a franchise establishment? So, whatever the guy at the top says he believes does not necessarily represent what the franchise owner believes. Admittedly, of you're buying into the franchise the odds are good you do trend with the Christian belief system, but I know many Christians who don't oppose gay marriage (mostly with caveat that it's a civil marriage, not one in a church). Walmart is very anti-gay, is corporate owned but there isn't a furor over them. Same with the company that distributes many of the American made hard alcohols like Southern Comfort and jack Daniels. I feel that, while you should definitely voice your opinion with your voice, feet and wallet, this whole CFA thing is blown way up. Personally I think that in states where gay marriage is legal some of these couples should hire CFA to cater, if they get turned down because they're gay then you have a discrimination lawsuit. Plus, honestly, it would just be damn funny.